Copyright and reproduction

The text in VicFlora is provided under copyright by the Royal Botanic Gardens Board, but is published here under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international licence (CC BY 4.0).

Similarly, the majority of images provided in VicFlora are the copyright of the Royal Botanic Gardens Board and other rights holders, but are published here under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial ShareAlike 4.0 international licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). The licence or copyright statement is given in the image captions.

In some cases, third party photographers hold copyright for images presented in VicFlora, and they have chosen to retain their reproduction rights. Written permission from the copyright holder is required prior to copying or re-using this material.

Can I reproduce a botanical image on my website or in an article?

If your work is not commercial, the answer is typically yes, provided you give appropriate credit and include a link to the licence. Accordingly, you should always check the licence. To do so, click any thumbnail image to expand and view the image at a larger size. All images are accompanied by associated publication details, including the name of the species, the artist or photographer, and the licence under which it has been published.

The licence determines whether you can reproduce the image for your purposes or not. Be sure to respect copyright notices, and follow the terms of the licences.

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The preferred format for citation of VicFlora and its contents is:

VicFlora (2024). Flora of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Available online: (accessed on: 22 Jun. 2024).